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Terms of Service

What are the refund policies?

Class registration fees are non-refundable in our satellite studio and school locations. Missed classes due to illness or inclement weather must be made up during the current session in our satellite locations you & / or your child are registered for. Unused classes will be put into our Scholarship Program each session. In person classes missed can be made up in our virtual classes.

***Inclement weather note for schools: If your school is closed due to inclement weather, our offices must be notified by you personaly to receive a class credit. if our instructors show up to teach, and your school is closed, you will be charged for classes scheduled that day.*** 

Schools & Child Care Centers: Missed classes are non-refundable and can be made up in our virtual studio. Virtual classes missed can not be transferred or refunded.

What are the class policies?

Schools & Child Care Centers:                                                                                                                                  Class registrations are based on sessions that the school has selected. We cannot offer the ability to attend non consecutive weeks and require your childs attendance cuncurrent for the session registered for. 

Are there Makeups?
Missed classes at our virtual studio or satellite locations due to illness or inclement weather must be made up during the session you & /or your child are registered for on an alternate day/time the same class is offered or if possible an alternate location or virtually.

If your child will not be in class due to an illness, scheduling conflict or vacation, we must be notified at least 24 hours prior. Missed classes in which we were not notified of your child's absence within 24 hours prior will result in a deduction in your balance of classes of that class.

Schools and Childcare Centers: Missed classes cannot be credited but can be taken virtually instead.

Are there any other forms to fill out?
All class participants in our satellite and virtual studio locations are required to fill out our Liability Release form at the time of registration.

Schools and Childcare Centers:                                                                                                                                    All class participants are required to fill out a registration form online or a hard copy at specific schools.

Can schedules change?
Class schedules are subject to change based on enrollment at our satellite, virtual studio and school locations.

Our Privacy Policy:
It has always been our policy to keep all contact info, addresses, phone numbers and emails confidential. We do not share this information with any other 3rd parties.

Shipping Policy:
All Gift Certificates are shipped via USPS Mail.

NEW COVID PROCEDURES:                                                                                                                                            Satellite locations - We will require all students entering to have their temperature taken and to immediately wash their hands. ANy students with a temperature of 99* or above will not be allowed entry. Students with any signs of a cold, cough, rash or sickness will not be allowed entry. Students who suffer from allergies, must have a current Dr's note stating so for us to make any exception to the coughing, sneezing rule.

Students may be required to wear a mask.

Students must bring or purchase their own yoga mat, blanket and water to drink.

A new signed liability and hold harmless release form will be required by all parents to allow their child to participate in our program.


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