Traditional Yoga Classes at our NC Studio in Garner, NC.

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Summer Camp at our NC Studio in Garner, NC in our Traditional Yoga Classes in the Am session and Kids Yoga Meets Astrology in the PM session

Summer Camp - Garner, NC

North Carolina Locations

Cranfield Academy, Cary, NC

Kindercare (Lakewood Drive), Fayetteville , NC

Kindercare Holly Springs, NC

Knightdale Kindercare, Kinghtdale, NC

Oceana Place Kindercare, Cary, NC

Riverwood Kindercare, Clayton, NC

New Jersey Locations

Future Generation, Bloomfield, NJ

Kinder Castle Elmwood Park, NJ

Kinder Castle Clifton, NJ

Virtual class Schedule

Registration links for each online virtual class are for the individual family or childcare/school/program registering and cannot be shared with friends or family members of a different household. Virtual class registrations are not refundable or transferrable. Missed classes will not be credited. For more details on our policies and procedures, please visit our Terms of Service page. 

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astrology meets yoga

Yoga meets Astrology

Our newest addition for Older School Aged to Teens:

Yoga meets Astrology is the perfect combination to empower children how to understand their bodies and emotions that Astrology can help to explain.
The connection between the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars and our child's birthday, place and time influence our children's personalities, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses, attitudes, gifts aand more.
The relationship between the moon cycles (ie: Full Moons) and the effect on children's behaviors have long been known in the yoga world, but what about a child's Zodiac sign, Houses, Elements, Modes or Birth/Natal chart? If these concepts are foreign to you, we are excited to introduce a brand new Astrology meets Children's Yoga Curriculum that we have created for our School Aged to Teens students now available at our studio, Virtually or for Schools.
This program also allows us to incorporates the healing arts which includes yoga, astrology, crystals, chakras, intuition, spirituality and more...

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